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"Delivered with a slick indie-rock spin, some light orchestral flavouring, and a hard-hitting lyric belted out via Smyrk’s truly astonishing voice, “Daylight Saving” is equal parts a powerful single, and a cathartic anthem for those who know the pain of wishing they could close the distance." Read more

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Backseat Mafia review (UK)

"‘The Hour Between Us’ cements her reputation as a significant songwriter with an exceptional voice. This is a collection of vibrant pop gems, backed by a thundering instrumentation, inherent romanticism and Smyrk’s golden vocals that can move effortlessly from soft velvet soothing to steely spined powerage." Read more.

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Actua News review (France)

"Anna Smyrk a été conquérir le cœur et les oreilles des fans nouveaux et anciens avec son son en constante évolution qui va des ceintures rock cacophoniques aux mélodies indie-pop dansantes et aux ballades folk déchirantes...Anna est une force artistique avec laquelle il faut compter."

(Anna Smyrk has been capturing the hearts and ears of fans new and old with her ever-changing sound that ranges from cacophonous rock belts to dancing indie-pop melodies and heart-wrenching folk ballads ... Anna is an artistic force to be reckoned with.) Read more.

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The Excavator (live)

The Excavator (live)

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Human Condition

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